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  • All shown prices are including VAT.

  • The studio is available 24 hours and can be rented anytime.

  • The people who work in the studio are not. For studio rentals between 23:00 and 06:00 there is a 30% surcharge to all rates.

  • A linear meter of used paper background costs 20 BGN.

  • When using the cyclorama in STUDIO ONLY package additional charges will apply for preparing the cyclorama (if needed) and/or cleaning the cyclorama (if used). This does not apply for any other package. Please ask about this when booking STUDIO ONLY package.

  • In order to have the cyclorama properly prepared for your shoot, please let us know of your plans for using it. 

  • During Video productions the used electricity is calculated additionally according to the official rates of the official electricity provider.

  • Overtime (OT) starts 15 minutes after each hour.

  • Assistants only open the studio and introduce it to customers. They don't stay in the studio during the shoot. 

  • If you are in need of studio assistant/s and you book them 24 hours prior to the shoot their hourly rate is 40 BGN per hour (or 350 BGN per day). If you request them at the day of the shoot the rate is 60 BGN per hour.

  • Only selected grip is included in the studio's rental rate. Please ask for details.

  • Coffee is free.

  • Pre-light time or other activities prior to the shoot itself is charged as 100% of the hourly rental rate.

  • All conditions regarding equipment rental out of the studio like pick up and drop off times are negotiable.

  • The studio is under video surveillance 24/7.

  • The studio space is not a storage. Every object left in the studio and unclaimed for 5 days is either trashed or becomes property of the studio.

  • The weekend is sacred. In general. It's up to you what you do with it.

  • Advises are free.

  • And don't forget to


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